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Juicing into 2021

In 2017 I did my first juice cleanse. I wanted to shed some of the remainder of my baby weight after having Arjun, and everywhere I looked, I just saw the juice cleanse trend blowing up. I started with a 3 Day Cleanse and it was having 6 juices a day. All the juices were from the Juice Truck. Honestly it was rough just drinking juice for 3 days. In the end I felt great and did drop 5lbs, but then never really thought about it again. It was more just a quick fix.

Fast forward to 2020, where I started actually making my health a priority – thank you Apple Watch for constantly nudging me to get some movement in. It wasn’t about losing weight, I have always felt confident and sexy in my skin (thank you Dad for instilling so much confidence in me!) but it was just to get stronger, and as we age, we gotta up our fitness game right?

I pretty much worked out the most I ever have last year. Anything from workout videos, riding my bike and just getting some steps in. The fitness part, I now have under my belt. This year’s project was definitely to focus more on the clean eating.

In November I found out about a Facebook group called the “Starting Monday Cleanse” so I looked into it. What I loved about doing this cleanse it that not only is it juicing, it’s also eating – yes!

When I was presented the opportunity to take part in it (thank you Tanya and Kristin) I jumped at the opportunity. It was a 5 day cleanse….and I know I struggled with the 3 days last time, but I also remember how I felt after so I was open to try this again. Here are the items I picked up for the first 3 days. All juices are from the Juice Truck and salads from Batch Food and homemade soups by Kristin’s Soup Group on FB.

Day 1

Started great. I thought these juices are really great. By lunch I was excited to have some soup and I had a mushroom one unlike any other – OMG! Then for dinner a salad which was also amazing. I thought, if this is what the next 4 days are like, I’m sorted. By the evening, I was cranky, irritable, had a slight headache and was rushing my kids to an earlier bedtime. Uhm what happened?!?! Well it was my body detoxing, from the indulgence over Christmas (I blame Meiomi wine for going on sale, and the husband getting a case) Nevertheless I went to bed, as I just wanted the day to be over.

Day 2

I woke up so thirsty! This was probably the problem, you are encouraged to drink more water during the cleanse, but I’m usually always drinking coffee and not enough water, so I knew I had to make more of an effort. I had 3 litres on that day. Felt way better. Still had a bit of a caffeine withdrawal headache, so I took a couple of sips of black coffee and it went away. I was also a better mom that night.

Day 3

I’m feeling great! Had a good sleep, didn’t feel tired or sluggish. We’ve got this! It was however a really stressful day at work. We were doing all of our strategic planning and budgets and all the stuff my left side of the brain has to work hard at. Can I just do my radio show please……. I really wanted to come home and have a glass of wine and do my usual late night snacking. I asked myself – do you really need it? No I did not. Had myself a Bubly and went to bed.

Day 4

My skin is glowing, my stomach is flatter and I think I have flushed out most of the holiday toxins. I’m am feeling fantastic. The soup and salads are so good. I’m thinking why don’t I eat like this on my own. This is great and I feel way better than I have in a long time.

Day 5

Last day. I’m so thankful I stuck it out. After the previous 3 day one I was itching for food, or some kind of a treat. This time I was content. It was Friday night and I didn’t crave my evening wine, or popcorn with the kids during movie night. I was good. I was full. I was nourished from what I had during the day.

Fast forward to mid-Jan and guess what. I am still going strong. I have stuck to the clean eating. I’m barely having any coffee. I am 17 days without wine and I am so happy I did this.

Hope reading this inspires you, if you are looking to make some changes and considering this and you have any questions feel free to reach out. I highly recommend using the Starting Monday Cleanse, as they coordinate all aspects of the food pick up and it’s nice to have the support of fellow cleansers along the way.

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