2020 Reflection

What a year it’s been. I’m glad to see it coming to an end. However I am someone who tries to find the positive in every situation. As I reflect on 2020 here are some positives I’ll takeaway from this year.

1. More time with my children.

There were times they drove me up the wall, but honestly I was more present with them this year, than I have been in a while. It was nice that life slowed down.

2. Finding a work life balance.

I love my job, it allows me to be creative, socialize and hop about town to some of the swankiest events. Sometimes it consumes too much of my life. I am grateful that I was able to have a home studio set up at home to broadcast (how cool is that btw) and go into the office as needed. Not commuting everyday was a huge win.

3. Watching the kids play soccer & hockey.

With the kids sitting idle for months, it was a glorious when sports started up. I usually never watched as much as I should have, as the hubby always took them, but this year I went to soccer games, I became the hockey mom and I loved every minute of it. Why had I not gone before? I guess life was so busy I used that time to clean, or run errands. The smiles on their faces being at their games, makes me realize I truly was missing out. Yes my house is a mess on weekends- but who cares!

4. Reconnecting with my husband.

Let’s face it. I am a social butterfly. Often that meant always being out at work events, with friends, or hosting at events. The hubby and I always traded off and went out separate days, and the other watched the kids. This meant we never really spent time together. We kind of disconnected. I always wanted to be out on the town, he wanted to be home watching movies together. Well that is all we did during this pandemic. Honestly I am so thankful for it, because we truly connected again – he really is my best friend and we weren’t prioritizing each other. Now we are again. He also started drinking wine – again- so it’s a win win for both of us now! #moviesandwine

5. Taking care of my mental health.

I probably worked out more than ever this year. What was my excuse before? That I didn’t have time. This year I bought a bike and I rode it almost every day this spring and summer. I also found the time to just take more time for self care. Never realized how much I needed it.

6. Turning 40.

We had planned a big trip for our milestone birthday. That didn’t happen. I wasn’t that upset about it either. I thought I would be, but this just meant I got to have many small celebrations with my friends and family one on one. Lots of good conversation, lots of wine and lots of cake. This also means we get to celebrate and turn 40 again when the pandemic is over…..right 😉 I mean I do have a sequin dress ready for the occasion!

So 2020, you weren’t great, but you served as a daily reminder of what really matters. Here’s hoping to take more of this in to 2021 – but not taking covid!

Comment below and tell me something great that happened for you in 2020!

Stay healthy xoxo – Simone

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